About Us

Anne Murray grew up in the small Nova Scotia coal mining town of Springhill, far, far away from the glitter and glamour of Hollywood. Yet her breathtaking flight to fame has made Anne Murray a household name in entertainment capitals of the world, and she has amassed more musical awards and accolades than almost any female singer in history.

The Anne Murray Centre is a world class, award-winning museum, that showcases Anne's incredible life and career, with an intimate look at her humble beginnings, flight to fame and her enduring contributions to the world of music. It holds the distinction of being the longest operating museum dedicated to a Canadian music artist. Its opening, in 1989, remains one of the proudest moments of her illustrious career. 

Create your own "duet" in Anne's mini recording studio, pick up a signature memento to mark your visit, and walk the rows of awards amassed during her 40-year music career - where all that glitters is truly gold (or platinum!) Our award-winning exhibits, memorabilia, video theatre, and gift shop will connect you in ways never before imagined to the woman whose music has captured the nation and the world for more than four decades.

The Anne Murray Centre is a non-profit organization and is a registered Canadian charity. All of the revenue generated from the operation of the Centre is used to provide employment for local people and for the ongoing maintenance of the Centre.

The original initiative for the Anne Murray Centre came from volunteer members of the Springhill Industrial Commission. They envisaged such a Centre as a catalyst to stimulate the economy of the community, and promote awareness of the music of Nova Scotia and Canada through the public presentation of Anne Murray’s life and career achievements.

The Anne Murray Centre has fulfilled Anne's wish to contribute in a unique manner to her hometown, which has suffered through two mine disasters and two devastating fires since 1956.

Since opening its doors in July of 1989, the Anne Murray Centre has welcomed more than 500,000 visitors from around the world