All of Me - Audio Book

All of Me - Audio Book

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Anne Murray – All of Me
Anne Murray with Michael Posner

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As read by Anne Murray
All of Me tells the story of the legendary singer in her own words.

Unabridged – includes 9 compact discs.

As a special bonus, this package includes never before released live concert recordings, plus stories not found in the printed version!

Each listener will hear Anne share all of her stories…a true fan’s delight and one-of-a-kind experience!

In this revealing autobiography, Anne Murray, for the first time, tells the whole story of her astonishing 40-year career in show business! It is a candid retrospective of the extraordinary success achieved and the price that had to be paid.

“After Snowbird hit, I was swept up like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, and catapulted into a strange new universe … If I thought for a moment that I was really in control of events, I was deluded.” Anne Murray

An unflinching self-portrait of Canada’s iconic female recording artist, All of Me documents the life of Anne Murray, from her humble origins in the tragedy-plagued coal-mining town of Springhill, Nova Scotia, to her arrival on the world stage. Anne recounts her story: the battles with her record companies over singles and albums; the struggle with drug- and alcohol-ridden band members; the terrible guilt and loneliness of being away from her two young children; her divorce from the man who helped launch her career, Bill Langstroth; and the deaths of two of her closest confidantes.

The result is a must-listen to audiobook that will be listened to and cherished for years.

Packaging – Boxed slipcase - holding 9 CD’s 

Label: EMI Music Canada