Signature Series Vol. 8

Signature Series Vol. 8

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Signature Series Vol. 8: Where Do You Go When You Dream / The Hottest Night Of The Year (Double CD)

WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN YOU DREAM (Originally released in 1981)



  • Blessed Are The Believers
  • Should've Been Easy
  • If A Heart Must Be Broken
  • Bitter They Are
  • It's All I Can Do
  • We Don't Have To Hold Out
  • Another Sleepless Night
  • Where Do You Go When You Dream
  • Call Me With The News
  • Only Love

THE HOTTEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR (Originally released in 1982)

  • The Hottest Night of The Year
  • Fallin' In Love (Fallin' Apart)
  • Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye
  • Easy Does It
  • Hey! Baby!
  • Ain't No Way To Rise Above (Fallin' In Love)
  • Heart On The Line
  • They Don't Call It Magic For Nothing
  • That'll Keep Me Dreamin'
  • Song For The Mira